Development of a Photovoltaic BiorockTM System

We are a group of students from the School of Science and Technology, Singapore, developing a Photovoltaic BiorockTM System for our Investigative Skills in Science Project. We hope to aid in coral regeneration efforts all around the world.

  • Gabriel

    An intellectual person who serves as advisor for scientific concepts and the technology guy (coder) of the team. Also the leader who encourages the team when the team gets distracted.

  • Chin Ray

    A passionate team member who always keeps his cool and think of solutions when things go wrong, especially by thinking logically and simply for a different, less complex angle.

  • Hong Wei

    An active contributer who is the main pillar of artistic support, and does all drawings and diagrams. Also provides advice and pitches in in terms of small details of the project.

  • From our Blog

    Thursday, 23 February 2017

    The Scientific Method/Engineering Method

    We conducted this whole project, from the initial brainstorming to background research, to the planning of the details to the actual carrying out of the experiment and the report is based on the Engineering Method, as shown in the picture above. Note: The Scientific Method is for Science Projects, which is not applicable for our project.